CFP: RSA 2020: The Reception of Ancient and Medieval Forgeries in the Early Modern Period

CFP: RSA 2020, Philadelphia 2-4 April 2020

The Reception of Ancient and Medieval Forgeries in the Early Modern Period

Organizer: Stefan Bauer, Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, University of York (UK)

The sharp tools of Renaissance philology exposed numerous forgeries. Ecclesiastical history was a prime medium for the discussion of forgery, as was shown by Lorenzo Valla’s famous demolition of the Donation of Constantine. The Reformation lent further urgency to questions surrounding the authenticity of ancient and medieval documents. Polemicists on both sides of the confessional divide – Catholic and Protestant – often accepted or rejected the results of the humanists on the basis of religious and political expediency.

This session will also move beyond church history to discuss recent trends in the study of forgery across several disciplines, including the history of science, literature and art.

Presenters are encouraged to address questions such as: What were the similarities and differences in the reception of legends, myths, falsely attributed texts and forged documents? How did exposures of forgery shape the epistemology of history?

To submit a paper proposal, please provide the following:

·       your name and institutional affiliation (if applicable)

·       paper title (15-word maximum)

·       abstract (150-word maximum)

·       keywords

·       curriculum vitae (brief version)

·       PhD completion date (past or future)

·       any a/v requirements

Send your materials by email attachment to Stefan Bauer at by 9 August 2019.


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